Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Now Samsung has launched the Galaxy S6 Edge+, a larger version of the first S6 Edge. Its remarkably similar to the earlier model, just with a bigger display and battery. But its more visually alluring than the S6 Edge and represents the pinnacle of Samsungs design and manufacturing capabilities. The unique, sloped sides of the display, which give the Edge its name, are something only Samsung has been able to manufacture at scale, thanks to its massive display manufacturing division. On the bigger phone, they stand out more and look even more impressive. The Edge+ practically screams hey look at me whenever I pull it out of my pocket or leave it on a table. Ive yet to meet someone that doesnt find the Edge+ stunning to look at. It also has all of the same usability issues as the S6 Edge, only on a larger scale, and it comes with a steep price tag: pricing starts at over $750 for the base 32GB model at all four major US carriers. Thats higher than the Note 5, which has similar hardware but a different design, and higher than almost every other high-end smartphone you can buy, save for Apples iPhone 6 Plus.